Industrial Keyboards

Rack mount keyboard

Main Features
  • 105 Keys, supports Windows Key
  • ï‚· Built in with Back light keyboard to work in low ambient light with membrane, rigid and rugged
  • ï‚· Backlight brightness adjustable
  • ï‚· Fully compatible with Windows, Linux support
  • ï‚· Water proof/ Washable
  • ï‚· Interface: USB port
  • ï‚· Built-in touch pad for mouse operation
  • ï‚· Made of Silicon with aluminum base
  • ï‚· Weight:1200gr
  • ï‚· IP level : IP68
  • ï‚· Switch On/Off keyboard Power
  • ï‚· Operating Temperature - 20 to 60 C
  • ï‚· Humidity 40°C at 95 % RH
  • ï‚· Dimensions: 414(L)x145(W)x25(H)